2015 Project 52 – Week 18 - CelebrationSo business has been great this year. I am working with so many different types of clients and concepts for shoots. And just simply loving every moment of it! So when I was contacted to do a 1-year-old’s Cake Smash I was very intrigued. First birthdays are definitely cause for celebration but what is a “Cake Smash”?!?!? I found out quickly. The overall concept is: on or around 1st birthday buy a small cake and photograph said child interacting with it. Sounds easy enough right? Nothing could have prepared me for Odin. He was adorable and so serious. Before the shoot started he was eating twigs and grass and dirt off the ground. As soon as he was set in front of the cake he became very somber and unsure. He finally figured it out but it was hilarious to watch him nibble at blue frosting and finally chocolate cake!

2015 Project 52 – Week 18 - CelebrationPhoto Tip: Props! Props! Props! 1st birthday party hat – $12 (Amazon). Small Cake – $10 (local bakery). Cake Stand – $2 (thrift store). Resulting Images = Priceless.

Amazon, Etsy and even your local thrift store can be a great location to find fun, inexpensive props that will enhance your photographs and engage you subject.

I’d love to have you join me for my Project 52, even if it is only for a month or sporadically throughout the year. Every month, I will provide a list of weekly prompts for you to use to inspire your weekly photos.  All you have to do is use the hash tag #jdvbymproject52 when posting your weekly photo on Instagram or Facebook, and you can join in the fun!  And I am going to be following along with these prompts too, so be sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook as I complete my first 52 week photography project!

Here is a peek at the prompts for the next four weeks:

may 11th| celebration

may 18th| family

may 25th| summer time

june 1st| just for fun

The weeks will go Monday to Sunday. It is okay if you miss a week or are off by a few days. Just pick back up where you left off! As reminder, if you would like these prompts to be emailed right to your inbox every month, be sure to subscribe to my blog!



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