Your photographic journey with joie de vivre by M Photography begins in the initial pre-shoot consultation and continues through the final edits and selection process. Offering a trained and objective eye, Megan works with you to identify your style, to determine the best photo schedule for you, and to match those time slots with ideal lighting and shooting angles.

We will be happy to arrange a time for you to meet with Megan and discuss your ideas and timelines. From here, Megan will work with you to create the compelling and definitive photographed story that is uniquely yours.

joie de vivre by M Photography offers:

Event Photography

Portrait Photography

Real Estate Photography

Wedding Photography

Please contact us to check availability and for additional pricing information as every package can be customized for your needs.

We have a passion for capturing the joy and beauty in your life and preserving it forever.

Let us help you tell your story.